The Pig man use's two main types of literay term's, foreshadowing, and Irony.

Foreshadowing- giving hints or clues of what is going to happen later in the story.


 1.)  The mini prologue prepares us for a serious event which will take place in the life of John and Lorraine.

2.) Lorraine's still eyes, described by John, explains how important the life and death of the Pig Man was to her.


Irony-  When something happens that we know, but the charectars do not.


Lorraine is insistent that Jonh not curse, this is ironic because cursing is the last bad choice they both make throughout the story.


 Plot -

Rising Action 

Falling Action 

Point of View 

This story is told between two narrators, swiching back and forth throughout the tale. John and Lorraine embark on a friendship with the pigman after a prank phone call.  

 The rising action takes place when John and Lorraine explaine they are recording events that happend sence the phone call to the Pigman.

The falling action takes place when the pigman returns home from the hospital till john and lorraine take him to the zoo. 

The POV changes from chapter to chapter due to the fact that John and Lorraine take turns telling their side of the story. 

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